In 1970, Marshall Montgomery was born into a multi-generation military family in Hollywood, California; and his life has been a true manifestation of patriotism and activism in both local and global communities ever since.  Marshall’s earliest memories are of his childhood living room which was adorned with President Reagan’s official portrait.  His father participated with the Ronald Reagan Administration requiring trips back and forth to the White House for world crisis discussions and private dinner events.  Marshall was only 12 when his father passed away, thrusting Marshall onto the mean streets of Hollywood, where he learned the hardest and most pragmatic form of survival and entrepreneurship while taking care of his mother and sisters.

At an early age he found himself dedicated to providing the less fortunate and weakest in his neighborhood with the security needed to live without fear in a hostile environment.  In his early twenties, he created his first security business providing personal protection services to both celebrities and other professional individuals.  Marshall often provided such services to visiting dignitaries from outside of Los Angeles, and readily accepted the assignments regardless of the level and extent of the protective services that were required.